margi-matters-photo4The decision to seek counselling can be life changing in so many positive and rewarding ways.

Hello, I am now only offering phone or Skype counselling to new clients in the Brisbane area, as I have relocated my main practice. Please feel welcome to call if you would like to discuss counselling by phone or Skype. Meanwhile this website is being retained for a transition period so the content can remain available.

I aim for you to feel quickly at ease, warmly accepted, truly understood and supported.

With over 30 years of comprehensive experience helping many thousands of people, my approach is pragmatic, tailored to you. It is designed with your good health, happiness and wellbeing in mind; for you to receive the greatest possible benefit from each session.

I help you to be true to yourself in ways that allow you to feel renewed, empowered, resourced – and inspired with what is possible. People are often happily surprised at the difference skilled counselling and therapy can make, working together.

I endeavour to make each session as enjoyable and rewarding as possible, while resourcing you in pragmatic ways with self understanding, easy to understand Psycho-education, skills, tools and strategies so the benefits continue throughout your life. You can read more about my approach to counselling here.

People see me for numerous reasons and some of the most popular include:

  • Anxiety, panic attacks and phobia

  • Self esteem and confidence

  • Depression

  • Stress, feeling overwhelmed or confused

  • Seeking healing for trauma or abuse (especially sexual abuse)

  • Struggling with relationships

  • Emotional difficulties – anger, hurt, sadness and guilt amongst others

  • Developing essential life skills like communication, assertiveness and problem solving

Perhaps you simply feel unhappy, stuck or unsure about yourself, or some aspect of your life and want to explore personal empowerment or possibilities and foundations for future goals and direction.

Is it time to make an appointment?

Selecting the right Counsellor is important. Please feel welcome to contact me or call 0438 337 798 to find out how I can help or to discuss your questions, before making an appointment.