Living as a perfectionist is a constant exhausting climb to your lofty ideals.

Does Perfectionism Rule?

Does perfectionism rule your life? Do you worry about how other people might judge you? Do you exhaust yourself in the pursuit of perfection in your appearance? In your home? In your relationships or in your work life? As a student have you struggled to get past the introductory paragraph of an assignment because it […]

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Manage Your Feelings

Manage Your Feelings

How you manage your feelings has a massive impact on the quality and enjoyment of your life. A core component of counselling and therapy is to assist you to best manage your feelings. To enhance your ‘emotional intelligence’. There are many approaches to working on feelings. I use a variety of therapies, techniques and tools […]

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Taking Care of What Is Important

Having a workable understanding of our priority values allows us to meaningfully assess how in sync we are with what is most important to us and to make appropriate adjustments. Decisions and choices can be continually referenced to our priority values. This level of clarity also supports the most effective strategizing and planning so that […]

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The suffering of regret can be all consuming. Understand how to minimise or avoid regret is a key ingredient for peace and happiness.

What Can I Do About Regret?

We can change the impact of regret and set ourselves up to minimise or avoid regret. Fears, procrastination, self esteem, confidence, anxiety and the myriad factors that contribute to the decisions we regret, can all be effectively addressed.

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Values are reflected in decisions and life choices. They harness phenomenal power and persistence.

The Power of Values

When our choices and outcomes are well aligned with our values we are generally most content and happy with ourselves and our lives. When we do not live in sync with our values we pay a high price. This can range from feelings of discontent, unhappiness, or a lack of fulfillment, to intense distress. We […]

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The trap of one solution thinking

Solution Thinking: The Trap of One Solution

Solution Thinking: The Trap of One Solution Ongoing dilemmas are often maintained by falling into the trap of one solution thinking. Solution thinking involves learning how to think and process differently. It is a critical life skill. Setting the trap is easy when you allow the following blocks to control the process: maintain rigid thinking […]

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Busy-ness burnout

Lifestyle Burnout

Are you at risk of Lifestyle Burnout? Lifestyle burnout is essentially caused by an overload of chronic stress and no ‘off’ switch. It is a product of being too busy for too long without sufficient refuelling or balance. You have no periods where you can tune out. Slow down. Truly relax and have time for […]

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