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Manage Your Feelings

Manage Your Feelings

How you manage your feelings has a massive impact on the quality and enjoyment of your life. A core component of counselling and therapy is to assist you to best manage your feelings. To enhance your ‘emotional intelligence’. There are many approaches to working on feelings. I use a variety of therapies, techniques and tools […]

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Taking Care of What Is Important

Having a workable understanding of our priority values allows us to meaningfully assess how in sync we are with what is most important to us and to make appropriate adjustments. Decisions and choices can be continually referenced to our priority values. This level of clarity also supports the most effective strategizing and planning so that […]

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Values based conflict

Values Based Conflict

Values Based Conflict Values based conflict has tremendous destructive power. Values based conflict tends to escalate over time. How well we honour and take good care of what is most important to us, largely determines our happiness and well being. When we live to our values, our ability to achieve peace and happiness skyrockets. When we […]

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Communication problems are one of the most potent sources of stress in relationships.

Sources of Stress

This post provides a checklist to identify sources of stress. These stressors are grouped into broad categories. This helps to recognise the many ways that stress can impact us. Sources of Stress – Time and Resource Management Over commitment – a poor match with your time, energy and resources Time pressure Poor work life balance […]

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