Hello, I’m Margi Matters. The decision to seek counselling can be life changing in many positive, rewarding and wonderful ways, and am here to help you in Paddington and North Brisbane.

margi-matters-photo4Counselling can open new possibilities for yourself and key areas of your life. Limiting beliefs can be updated. More effective ways of thinking and processing experiences can be developed. Behaviours and habits can be adjusted. New decisions and different choices become available. 

Simply being truly listened to and understood is often a huge relief. 

My sessions are designed with your happiness and well being in mind. I aim to help you to be true to yourself in ways that allow you to feel empowered and better resourced for shaping the life you want to be living.

Most people are somewhat apprehensive about a first counselling appointment. You will quickly discover it to be a comfortable, warmly accepting and supportive experience.

I offer over 30 years of comprehensive experience helping many thousands of people. We have worked on a huge variety of problems, concerns and goals.

My approach is pragmatic and uniquely tailored to you. You can take away skills, strategies, tools and techniques that benefit you now and into the future.

A single session can bring profound insights, shifts and benefits. Several sessions have the potential to be life transforming.

Core elements of a counselling experience with me may include:

  • You can come to better know and understand yourself and other people in your life
  • You can be resourced with a huge variety of skills, tools and strategies
  • You can work on any aspect of your life or a problem situation, that is not how you would like it to be
  • You can choose brief solution focused work for a pressing problem or concern
  • You can reset yourself – from building confidence to reducing anxiety, depression and stress
  • You can learn powerful techniques for managing emotions
  • You can learn the most effective ways to manage your mind, your beliefs and how you process information
  • You can clear confusion, doubt and uncertainty
  • You can set clear goals and design strategies to manifest these goals

I endeavour to make each session as rewarding and enjoyable as possible and you can read more about my approach to counselling here.

People see me for a huge variety of reasons. Some of the most popular include:

  • Anxiety, panic attacks and phobia

  • Fears and limitations

  • Self esteem, self acceptance and confidence

  • Depression

  • Personal power and empowerment

  • Trust issues

  • Stress, feeling overwhelmed

  • Uncertainty or confusion

  • Healing for trauma or abuse (from childhood, sexual abuse and domestic violence)

  • Relationship difficulties and unresolved issues

  • Enrichment of relationships (partners, family, work colleagues and friends)

  • Managing conflict

  • Emotional difficulties – anger, hurt, sadness and guilt amongst others

  • Developing essential life skills like communication skills, assertiveness and problem solving

  • Decision making

  • Life coaching and future happiness proofing

Perhaps you simply feel unhappy, stuck or unsure about yourself, or some area of your life.

Is it time to make an appointment?

Selecting the right counsellor is important and I am happy to discuss your questions before you make an appointment. You are welcome to contact me or call 0438 337 798 to find out how I can help. You can meet with me in person by appointment, or by phone or online through Skype and email. 

In person appointments are available in two Brisbane locations: Paddington and North Brisbane.

Skype and phone counselling can be very effective for many concerns and are becoming increasingly popular with people who travel for work, live at a distance or want the ease and convenience of fitting appointments into busy schedules. Some people like a combination of in person and Skype or phone sessions.