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Life By Design

Life By Design

Are you living your life by design? Living your life by design is like being a conscious and well resourced manager. You know what you want. You are deliberate, strategic and pro-active in making that happen. How you manage yourself plays out in how you manage each part of your life. People who live their […]

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Living by default

Living By Default

Living By Default Living by default is more like living from a place of disempowerment. We do not feel free to direct our own lives There are many factors that contribute to living by default. If you think of your life as a movie, then who is in the director’s chair? Do you allow certain […]

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character strengths

Discover Your Character Strengths

Character Strengths Assessment This post gives you a link to discover your character strengths. It is a free character strengths assessment. The link takes you to the VIA Institute On Character website. (The initials originally stood for Values In Action. Now VIA is a stand alone word within the organisations’ name). This is a not for […]

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Empowered Living

5 Foundations For Empowered Living

Empowered Living There are 5 foundations for empowered living presented in this post. Empowerment is a huge field. The amount of information is overwhelming. These 5 foundations for empowered living provide a framework for organizing the information. This framework allows you to analyse each area. You can then select specific targets for change work. Whether […]

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